New beginnings

This weekend one half of my immediate family gathered to celebrate the marriage of my Daddy after 26 years of batchelorhood. He met his new bride a few years ago, but earlier this year they connected in a new way and begin to talk on the phone a great deal. In May they went on their first "date" and within a week my Daddy had managed to bring her around to meet all three of his children and our families. WOW were we blown away, Daddy doesn't bring women to meet us until they have been dating for quite a while. I believe their dinners and lunches with us were dates 3,4 and 5 or something really close to it. So being the overprotective children that we are, alarm bells begin to go off. I knew right off that this was a serious move, and even felt after a couple of phone conversations that a marriage was on the horizon. I think that there are still some on both sides of the family who are a little wary of the suddeness of this union. But one look at them together and you can see very clearly that they love each other. I for one pray all God's blessing over this union. I wish them all the happiness, peace, and love that their hearts can hold.

3 months later, almost 3 months to the day of their first date they wed this past weekend. It was a beautiful, sweet ceremony. After the vows they played "From this moment" by Shania Twain and as the music played, they sang very quitely to each other. I think for them there was no one else in the church at the time.

They are now in TN for several days to have a honeymoon. Then they will travel back to GA and learn to live together.....Lisa you are in my prayers on that one.

Soon I will blog on the process of planning and executing the reception....right now I still have wedding hang over.