Back to Reality

Well after 4 months of not having a computer to call my own, I am finally back with the land of technology. My sister called me a computer geek yesterday, and maybe that is true. I have felt so out of touch to not be able to blog, do web research, etc....

This week has been busy, we finished school this week and are now on our first real break of the year. I will be ordering the kid's new curriculum in the next week or so and we will begin 3rd & 7th grade in a few weeks.

I am working round the clock and really quite tired, but I keep telling myself it will ease up soon but I am not seeing that happening anytime soon :) Well what is that saying, " I can sleep when I am dead?"

Okay so I was just checking back in, be back soon. I am setting a new goal of blogging at least 2 times a week.