WooHooo we did it !

We did it , we did it....insert little happy dance here. It took a long time and three attempts but we finally managed to plan a non Sabbath conflicting camping trip. We managed to camp this past Monday at Pine Valley Recreational Area which is owned by NGCSU here in Dahlonega. We left the scout hut at 10am and spent the day hiking, practicing scout skills, and playing. Joseph got to serve as grubmaster for the trip and planned all the meals. We had sandwiches for lunch, then Chili for supper, apple blueberry cobbler for desert, and scrambled cheese eggs, turkey sausage and turkey bacon for breakfast. He did a great job, and all the younger boys got a chance to cook to help meet their requirements.

All things fell into place with the kids in Lumpkin County having a winter break this week so we were able to manage to older Life rank scouts to help out with the younger boys. The trip could not have been more productive! We were able to work closely because we had a small group and the boys got a lot of benefit from the experience.

The one drawback from this experience was that the temperature was 9 degrees and it snowed and sleeted on us all night. We were not prepared, so therefore not following the BSA motto, but we learned a lot and next time we will be!

Joseph has finished his Tenderfoot rank and most of his Second Class Rank. Which I think is a pretty decent accomplishment.

Now what can we tackle next? Joseph is currently working on 3 Eagle required merit badges and more to come! It is so exciting to see him learning and growning in this process.

Take care and if you have advice, please share!