Our Adventures in Boy Scouts continue.......

This past weekend we made a trek down to my parent's place to camp with some of the boys from Joseph's boy scout troop. We had 5 boys including Joseph and 3 adults which is a great ratio. There were times when we also had my husband Brian but we call him a trainee since this was his first overnight scout camp :)

We arrived on Thursday and stayed through Sunday, with lots of swimming, fishing, a trip to Dausett Trails Nature Center, Indian Springs State Park. We worked on our Fishing and Cooking merit badges and spent a lot of time just hanging out and building memories. Some would say that we didn't really camp, because we were close to a house, bathrooms, and showers. The boys didn't seem to mind, and each night they spent under the stars they fell asleep talking into the night.

I wasn't sure how the whole event would come off, but as we got ready to leave the boys had marked their territory with a new fire area and claimed their camping spots. I think they would like to go again sometime, and any time they request a return trip, means it has been a successful trip!

Last night our Troop committee met and discussed the upcoming year. Looks like we will have a busy calendar this year, and that is great for the boys, hope there will be some things Joseph can do. He loves scouts!