Just a thought

We cannot change anyone, that change has to come from within them, it has to be their choice to change.

Whether or not we agree with the beliefs or actions we can't make them change. A person makes a change because THEY want to be different, either that change is for the good or bad. We can choose to love and accept them as they are or not, but nothing we can say or do will change them.

I can not pray for change, and when I get it say " Oh wait God I didn't want it to change that way, that wasn't what I wanted....do it this way!" I have to say thank you God and look for how that answer to my prayer can help me grow as a person, to keep my eyes open for how God will use this in the lives of those around me.

As adults we go looking for the things we didn't feel that we had growing up. Those things that we search out are the things that we have felt we were missing all along. What will your children go looking for?

Okay I know all of that was random, but it was what I was thinking....and that is what blogging is all about!