My Newest Project... Fabric Postcards

Fabric Postcards have become my obsession, I mean that literally. I have spent hours pouring over the internet watching tutorials and reading the instructions that lots of very generous people have posted online. All of them have been extremely helpful by the way.

I started them with much hesitation, you see since I have begin trying to sell my sewing I have discovered a very nasty secret about my self.... A trait that I get from my Father which I believed only my brother possessed. I am a perfectionist about my work. If it isn't perfect I won't sell it. I have lots ( I will not say how many) imperfect projects that are destined for the garbage. Thus the hours of pouring over the instructions to make sure I did it "right".

Another thing that I know about me, as does my husband but few others. I am a compulsive fabric buyer. I LOVE fabric. All colors, prints, weights, types... it must be soft and beautiful, but my definition of beauty is vast.....as is the ever growing piles of fabric that have taken over my sewing room.

Okay back to the post card. I started slowly, picking out fabric remnants that I already knew that I love paired together. I choose a buttery yellow & white polka dot that I made a dress with a couple of years ago and added a seersucker with bright beautiful flowers...

I cut the fabric to the 4 x 6 size required by the USPS sewed into place the pieces where needed, then cut a 4 x 6 piece of Peltex interfacing. Ironed the top or front fabric to the Peltex, then hand stitched around the design adding lettering and embelishing the design already on the fabric. Then I cut an old white T-shirt into 4 x 6 strips and attached with spray adhesive.

I finished the edges with a soft yellow satin stitch and marked the back with the words Postcard and named the card Sunshine & Flowers 1 and 2. I think they turned out really nice... if you are interested you can see them on my Etsy page or see the link to the right of this blog which will take you right to them.

And so I am now obsessed. I am constantly thinking of making the next ones. I sincerely hope that they are popular as they are so much fun!!!!!


Here's to learning something new each day, and finding your joy!!!!

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