Off to LYC Youth Camp

This week I sent my kids off to camp. This is a hard step for me because in 12 years I have never had a time when I didn't have at least one of them at home with me. It is also hard because my daughter just turned 8 and in my eyes is still very much my baby. So agreeing to let them travel over 700 miles one way from Georgia to Missouri was very hard for me.

The last couple of days before they left I didn't think my daughter was going to make it, she became very sensitive, weepy, easily upset and I could tell she was thinking of leaving home for the first time. Yet she was excited so it was a toss up, but when our friend came to pick her up she skipped out the door without even hugging me bye. I had to call her back so I could get just one more hug and kiss.

My son is 12 years old and he has already been off to camp once, so I was not as worried about him. I think this trip will be a great growing experience for him. At several places along the way it places him outside his comfort zone which is good for him!

They have been gone 2 nights both nights, both nights right at bed time I have gotten a call from Joseph. He has to tell me good night and let me know how the day has gone. Genevieve hasn't even asked to talk to us :) I know I should be sad, but I am not I am glad that she is happy and secure and not homesick.

I know they will have a great time at camp, and hopefully be glad to get home next Monday!

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