Okay two things to talk about today...

Candida Yeast, I thought I had you beat, but you are back and I only fell off the wagon a little bit. So as of today I am back to diligently avoiding the chocolate, sugar, and heavy carbs. I had settled into my new body with a much less swollen stomach, clear skin, etc...... but it didn't take long for me to see that I still have to be careful and watch it.

I am going to be creating a new blog soon! Title yet undecided, but I have some thoughts. So here is the summary! My paternal grandmother Gertrude Cook was an amazing cook. She had 7 children to feed, and at times additional family members who lived with them. So she was accustomed to feeding a crowd. When she passed away there was great family debate over her recipe boxes... A few years back I asked my Daddy if I could take them and type them all up into a cookbook for the family. As I begin to look at them I found that some of them were just a list of ingredients and the direction "Bake".....obviously she knew what she was doing and didn't need any further direction. This deterred me some from the project because at the time I didn't really have time to figure this out. Lately though I have thought more and more about it. My sister has suggested that I try to make each recipe like "Julie & Julia"....maybe....but I am definitely starting a blog to provide these recipes to the family and world alike.

I am super excited about it and can't wait to get started, so I will give everyone a head's up as soon as I have it ready to go, hopefully you will follow me over on that blog and enjoy the recipes of my youth the way I do.

See you soon!

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belle said...

Sorry about all the chocolate. I usually don't have so much around, but I guess I overdid it this time. Mama Cook's recipe book is a great idea and I would love to have a copy! If you need a cook to help "test" them out let me know!