Today is suppose to be the day we start back to school. The temperatures outside are miserable. Although we officially broke the streak of 90s we have had for two weeks, the heat is still oppressive. I have never been a summer heat kind of person, so for us to spend part of each day in the air conditioned basement studying doesn't bother me too much. We also avoid the crowds of young people who are out of school for the summer.

As I was discussing the start of school yesterday with a homeschooling friend, I got "the look". The look that says, " you don't take a summer break, have you lost your mind". Let me ask you this, as we challenge the "norms" for everything else in our world. Why does "summer break" have to be in the summer? Why do schools break at this particular time? Well one reason is the heat, especially here in the Southern United States. While my home in the North GA mountains is much cooler than the one I grew up in; the south can be really warm in the summer time. Having children swelter away in classrooms during the summer time makes them ill tempered, cranky, tired, and generally hard to deal with.

The thing I love most about being a homeschooling mother is that I get to have input and control over what my kids study, when we work, and when we take breaks. I love to say "whatever works for you." That is truly how I feel about all areas of homeschooling! Whatever curriculum, whatever breaks, whatever hours, whatever projects, whatever! Don't let the world define you, even if they don't understand you. You are ultimately responsible for the people your kids become so don't let "the norm" shape them for you!

Off to get busy!

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Anonymous said...

Hi There Jennifer. I'm so glad you blog!...I'm going to love reading you :)
I feel exactly the same way about holidays. We usually work through holidays becaue the timing does not suit us. We take a day off whenever we want, as long as our work is done :)