New Age Kids ?

This past weekend as we were hanging around the house, my son was watching a TV presentation by the church that they attend. In the middle of each production the church offers booklets to their viewers. There is no cost for these booklets and they are used by the members for bible study. Joseph decided that he wanted to request a couple of the booklets so he picked up the phone and begin to dial.....

I have to break right here to tell you how much this amazes me that my baby boy feels confident enough to pick up the phone, call a stranger, have a conversation and request something he wants.... Ok back to the story

Joseph is sitting there staring at the door holding the phone to his ear, while his Dad and I try our best not to be openly amused :)

Well he is sitting there for quite some time without speaking, so I said, are you on hold? Nope he responds. I said, "well is it ringing?" He looks at me and says " I guess so..... it is going. bumm, bumm, bumm really fast.

I couldn't help it I started laughing, I said "Joseph, that means the line is busy." He doesn't hang up.....he says " what does that mean?" WHAT!!!!! Has my child never heard a busy signal?

Then he looks over at me and says, "what do I do?." "Hang up Sweetie." I respond. " Well okay, when will they see the missed call and call me back?"..................Okay this is the point where I realize that my children have never dealt with the world that we lived in growing up and I felt really old!!!!!

I explained to him what a busy signal was, and that this was not a cellphone he was dealing with. I explained that he would actually call back until the line cleared and he would speak with someone. This was of course a foreign concept to my child. I realized he is entirely accustomed to to reaching whoever he wants as soon as he calls them, there are no busy signals, there is not a time when it is not okay to call. We have become such a society of open access that the ability to not connect who you want when you want is inconceivable!

Well I for one would not mind more busy signals and less open access. Constant contact isn't always the best thing!

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