Wow I just noticed that I haven't blogged here in nearly a month. I have had such a busy month that I didn't even notice. I have two blogs and this month on my crafting blog I have been featuring a new artist every day (or so). It has been quite a challenge to get that all together, but it has been a lot of fun to see all the really amazing things that people do. To witness the great gifts that GOD has given them. I have found things I would love to be able to create, and those that I think are beautiful but I wouldn't touch the creative process.
Check out that blog if you get a chance. I have a great time writing it: http://www.jenjiescraftystuff.blogspot.com

At any rate in the month of September we have had quite a lot to do. This month my Daddy turned 60 years old! We had a semi surprise party for him with a cook out at a local State Park where we grilled hamburgers and hot dogs. It was a small and simple gathering that I enjoyed a lot, I hope he did. We tried very hard to make it a surprise for him, but it fell a little short of a true surprise party. It is difficult to keep things from Daddy.

At the party he mentioned that he read my blog, which isn't really surprising since I sent it to him to read :).... I think he was surprised to find that I had written about him in the past. I work really hard to write only things that are slightly witty and not hurtful. I hope that I didn't hurt his feelings in any way.

Homeschooling has been very busy this month. Lots of projects, experiments, new units. We have covered so much this year already and there is so much more to learn. We are all learning together and it is really a lot of fun!

We have also been very busy getting ready to leave for our trip to North Myrtle Beach. Every year we take a trip with the church my husband belongs to. This trip is to celebrate The Feast of Tabernacles. We will be at the beach for 12 days and I couldn't be more excited! I love the beach. Since I have begin working from home I have found that I am a water person. I love to sit by, in, around running or moving water. It makes me feel centered and cleansed. It quites all my stress and I love it. I could sit by the river while my family trout fishes, just letting the water run over me , the noise so loud that I can't hear anything else. The beach is the same way, as soon as I can hear the waves crashing I am instantly in another place. I can hardly wait to put my toes in the sand and hear those waves. The torture is driving 6 hours to get there and then having to lug all the stuff up to the room before I can run down to the sand.

Very excited about an upcoming event, Gold Rush Days. I never thought I would say that, it is like a craft show on crack. The last time I went to Gold Rush Days it was so crowded you couldn't walk, the crowd carried you along. So why am I excited this year. Well for one we will be in town, and two other reasons. Genevieve is clogging on Sunday. I am so excited to see her clog with the other girls her age. Joseph is working a booth with his Scout Troop making Ice Cream Floats and Boiled Peanuts. That should be lots of fun. I am hoping some of the family makes it up to see Genevieve clog. This is the first time she has had this type of performance and she has been practicing very hard. She is so adorable!

Well I hope you guys have a great couple of weeks. I will try to post some from the beach depending on how things go.

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