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For the last two weeks we have made the best of the North GA Moutains in the spring time.

Last Sunday April 18 we hiked a 6.7 mile section at Blood Mountain which is on the line between Union and Lumpkin counties. It was a long and tiring hike, but it was also beautiful, fun, and an accomplishment for me. In the last year I have lost 35lbs and have started a regular excercise routine, this time last year I would have never been able to complete a hike like this. Plus I got to spend time with Joseph. He is growing up so fast it won't be long before those moments will be few and fair between. Here is Joseph at the top of Blood Mountian, which our ScoutMaster tells us in the highest point on the AT in GA.Next came trout fishing! Which I have no problem admitting is my favorite part of springtime. I was never a big fishing fan growing up, but I truly love trout fishing these days. I think it has more to do with my attraction to running water, peace, and silence or at least quiet. So Brian and I took the kids trout fishing Thursday for a few hours and had a great time.
Here are a couple of picks from our first fishing tirp of the year:

Today we woke up looking for something to do. Yesterday was rainy and miserable but today was clear and pretty with tempreatures that are cool and comfortable. So we decided to find somewhere new that we had not been before and go have a hike. I did a little research and found Raven's Cliff Falls. I CANNOT believe I have lived here for 9 years and never been there! It is one of the single most beautiful places I have seen in the Dahlonega area there were waterfalls everywhere, native plants, lots of rocks and it was just gorgeous. It will remain on my favorites list. Here is a couple of pics of the beautiful scenery:

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