As I got home on Friday of last week I went out and sat in my swing, head leaned back, staring at the leaves in the trees as they danced in the wind. I thought this: as much as I love my family and I am so happy to get to see them, I love my home. I love the mountains, the trees, the landscape of the mountains. As much as I would like to live close to my family, I would rather they live close to me than me live close to them :O

However, it is weeks like this one that make me wish no matter where we live we were all closer together. No details, this is open forum internet ;) Lets suffice it to say there are lots of family that I would like to be closer too this week. My Daddy & Granddaddy in particular.

I have been blessed with two father figures in my life. I love both of them dearly. Last year my Dad had a ton of health problems and I shed many tears and issued many prayers while he was ill, I couldn't be at the hospital with him either. This year it is my Daddy, again, tears, prayers, concern, text, calls, I would be there if I could. Probably wouldn't be any help, but still would make me feel better to see for myself what was going on.

I have been blessed to have my GrandDaddy (not Pop) around as long as I have he is 86 1/2 years old....each day gets harder. I worry about every mini stroke, every swollen leg, and every time I leave him I make him promise me he will be there when I get back. I want him to always be right there, every time I come............

Prayers, love, thoughts to all my family! Miss you daily, pray for you constantly, Love you Much!


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