Other things in my life

So I have blogged so much about diet lately I haven't blogged about anything else.

I have had a very busy couple of weeks, I know some of my friends think I have abandoned them, but it isn't personal there is just so much to do and so much going on.

My family is getting ready to celebrate the Feast of Tabernacles and that means cleaning the whole house top to bottom, and buying clothes, and packing clothes.... and lots of work!

In addition we have been going through a huge ordeal with my husbands church, it has literally been like a huge roller coaster of emotions and it has made us question every friendship attached to the church and it is really stressful.

We had a wonderful trip down to my parents for Labor Day weekend. My mother was very sick and I am really concerned about her current and future health. We all love her very much and just want her to be healthy. We had a wonderful time visiting both my parents, my husband's parents, both of our brothers, my cousins, it was awesome. My husband and my son both Kayaked for the first time and loved it. I can't wait to try it myself sometime. I even had a short visit with my Granddaddy. He and my grandmother celebrated 60 years of marriage on September 2 ! I honestly didn't think he would make it to see the day, but he keeps fooling us all.

Since Friday I have been cleaning and purging the house and as slow and tiring as it is it feels wonderful.

Tomorrow night is our Fall Court of Honor for our Boy Scout Troop and my son is set to receive three merit badges and his new leadership position of Den Chief.

So I will be good and ready to run directly into the warm water of the ocean, sit on the beach and listen to the waves for hours and lay in the sun for 2 whole weeks! Even though I continue to work part time even while on vacation, it is still the beach :)

Hope you will all forgive me for being so preoccupied lately....it will get better. Love you all !

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