Day 26....hmmmm how did that happen

Okay well as you know if you have been reading this blog, I was blogging everyday with my health status and emotional status, etc.... It got a little repetitious, so I skipped several days and I have been trying different things so I am going to just share a summary of what I have been doing and how it is going.

First of all my weight this morning was 194.5 so I have lost around 10-12 lbs on this cleanse. While I did not start this cleanse to lose weight it has been a welcome side effect of the process.

Secondly my diet hasn't varied much from what I had documented prior. Basically vegetable juice in the morning, hummus fresh veggies, meat or salad for dinner. I can tell you I have not intentionally had sugar, bread, pasta since I started this cleanse. I may have ingested some small amounts of sugar through sauces but it has been minimal. For instance on the chicken wings I had for dinner last night.....I did cheat and eat 3 french fries.

I have been emotionally up and down. There are days when I truly believe this is working and I am elated, then I will have a relapse and become depressed. Overall I do see a great improvement in my skin, rash, etc.

Just this week after even more research on the subject, I learned I should not have been juicing the carrots and beets that I was consuming. Which makes sense to me since they are a root crop and have so much natural sugar. I have switched to mainly a green juicing, cucumbers, celery, dark greens.

I have added Activia to my diet in the mornings with my juice. Activia has a lot of good pro biotics which are of a different variety than the Dan Active. I am actually doing both one morning, on afternoon along with a probiotic supplement. I have temporarily stopped the Fish Oil due to some fish allergies I have and the fear that it could contribute to the problem.

I think I have mentioned in the other blogs but just to touch base on it again. I was doing 3tbsp of Coconut Oil orally, I would suffer hot flashes and sluggishness along with a general feeling of yuckiness after taking it. I did some research on Sodium Bicarbonate as an anti fungal, I have started taking 1 tsp in warm water once in the morning and once at night. I have seen huge improvements since starting that.

One thing to note as well is that the rash comes from the yeast die off byproducts. So even though the rash is discouraging, it is actually proof that the yeast is dying away.

My plan is to continue on a complete elimination for about 8 more days. At which point I am going to slowly....very slowly start to add foods back to my diet. While I truly believe I will want to run out and eat a huge pizza and chocolate cake, I am pretty sure I will be gun shy :)

I also plan to continue to juice daily, maybe more than once, because I believe it is much healthier. I also plan to continue the Activia daily to keep the proper flora of the colon.

I will blog again in a few days as this winds down.

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