Day 6

Weight: 200.5

Health Status: Hands are improving greatly, only the deepest sores remain and they are healing. I have seen a drastic improvement over this past week. Patches on the inside of the arm are gone, the patch on the back of the leg is still rashy and dry. Stomach is bloated today, having some issues with constipation and I am not sure why with all the veggies I have been eating! The scalp is almost healed completely, a huge improvement in the past day.

Emotional Status: Upbeat and optimistic. I am seeing improvements in my condition so it has me determined. It has made my will power stronger. Today my son offered me M&M's and I refused, he continued to insist and I was able to resist.... that is not typical. I think given my lack of nutritional knowledge, my hope is that I am doing this right! My schedule has been off today so I have been a little anxious about my eating.


1 Meal - Chicken Strips Salad at Chick-Fil-A, I did drizzle some Light Italian dressing on top, but not much at all. Had I known the amount of sugar in it, I would have chosen something else.

2 Meal- 1 small cucumber, 1 small bell pepper, 5 tablespoons of homemade hummus

2 Snack- 1 Dan Active Pro-Biotic drink


4 Cinnamon capsules 500mg, 2 Omega 3 Fish Oil capsules 1000mg, 2 Accu Flora pro biotic supplements, 1 Dan Active Pro-Biotic drink

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