Day 9, skipped Day 8 it was just too crazy a day

Weight: 198

Health Status: Hands continue to be red under the surface, but skin is greatly healed, skin condition itself is much better! Patch at the back of the leg is essentially gone. Skin on the face has been bad for the past two days despite my sticking very rigidly to the diet. I have read that the Yeast will cause a reaction in your body as a craving for something to feed on, thus the cravings for sweets. I have had the thought that maybe my body is craving the cortisone ointment I have used for years, so in spite of the break out I am avoiding the use of cortisone. Stomach condition is improving.

Emotional Status: Slightly overwhelmed and agitated. Some anxiety and very nervous and uneasy. I am not sure if this is due to the yeast or not, but I have read that anxiety and depression can be a result of the yeast, so I am noting.


1 Meal- too rushed to juice today: 1 small cucumber sliced with 1 small bell pepper 3 tbsp of homemade hummus

2 Meal- 4 lettuce tacos= 4 leafs from large Romaine lettuce, 4 tablespoons of scrambled ground beef, mixture of sliced tomato, bell pepper, onion, fresh cilantro, 1 small crumbling of shredded cheese, 1 tsp of sour cream. The cheese is a cheat as you should avoid aged foods to avoid molds.
Lay the lettuce leaf on the plate, layer in cheese, meat, veggies, top with sour cream and sprinkle with salt.

2 Snack- 1 Dan Active Pro Biotic drink

Supplements: 2 Accu Flora pro biotic supplements, 3 Omega 3 Fish Oils 1000mg, 4 Cinnamon capsules 500mg, 1 Vitamin E 500mg, 3 tbsp coconut oil.

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